Maximize your range of motion

FunctionalFit is a slow controlled class that focuses on breathing, back opening and spine segmentation. Feeling stiff? Functional Fitness brings students through the proper mobility techniques that assist in every day body comfort. Get rid of that pesky hamstring and lower back tightness with just 15 minutes a day with Tia Nicoletti!

What you need:
- Water!! Hydration is key
- A yoga mat
- A couch or wall to hold on to
- A 4 ft x 4 ft floor space
Tia Nicoletti is in a Deep Lunge

Course curriculum

  • 1

    FUNCTIONALfit 101

    • Breathe & Roll (Warm Up)

    • Hips & Balance

    • Twist & Cool Down

  • 2

    FUNCTIONALfit 102

    • Breathe & Flow (Warm Up)

    • Hips & Side Body

    • Straddle & Cool Down