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Foundation Courses

  • STRETCHfit

    STRETCHfit is purposely made for all abilities. This class takes place on the ground and brings students through the basic understanding/connection to the front, back and side body.

  • STRONGfit

    STRONGfit is a course developed for the workhorse. Are you someone who enjoys challenging bodyweight exercises? This is the class for you! STRONGfit takes students through every muscle group with verbal cues for proper activation.


    FunctionalFit is a slow controlled class that focuses on breathing, back opening and spine segmentation. Feeling stiff? Functional Fitness brings students through the proper mobility techniques that assist in every day body comfort. Get rid of that pesky hamstring and lower back tightness with just 15 minutes a day!

Jamie Nicholson

I began taking Tia’s classes as a hobby, but before I knew it, my body was doing things I didn’t think it would ever be capable of. She managed to keep me motivated through an online source in a time as weird as the COVID-19 pandemic. Her knowledge on all things rehabilitation, anatomy, and biomechanics seems unlimited and she is able to explain things in a way that I truly understand. Before meeting Tia, I never thought I’d be capable of performing as an aerialist. She’s helped me realize my body’s true potential and I will be forever grateful.
Testimonial from Aerial Hoop Performer

Sara Macri

I started private training with Tia roughly three years ago. Prior to this, I dabbled in all sorts of different aerial and circus mediums but nothing really stuck. For the most part, I had not really found what I was looking for. Then I found contortion and the light bulbs burst on. Now because of this program I feel motivated, challenged and enthusiastic about what the next session will bring. The changes have really surprised me not just physically but mentally as well. Finally I am ready to be strong!

Keith & Vicki Simison

My wife and I recently started attending Tia’s Functional Fitness class. We look forward to the class every week. Tia is a very talented instructor with a winning personality. Her instruction is exceptional. Instructions are clear and concise. Movements are perfectly matched to the age and abilities of each individual. Movement adaptations are provided individually as required. Routines are modified as requested by the class to meet their needs. We feel great after her class. It helps us maintain our active, healthy lifestyle.
Mid 60's couple testimonial for FUNCTIONALfit program

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